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Why chose our natural soaps?

Why chose our natural soaps?

All handmade soaps are different. Saying "handmade" and "natural", it's nothing about the quality of the soap. 

We love and we committed making a good quality soap for healthy skin, healthy living and we also use our soap in our family.

We love and we get inspired by nature, pure oils, butter, herbs, flower, seeds, fruits, spices, vegetables, and even natural clays. Nature has them all! We just need to use them for our life. It's simple, it's pure and it's wholesome!.... 

We make our soaps in small batches. It takes more time, but we do this because we want to ensure the quality of each bar of soap. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic and nothing related to petroleum or even food colouring that can be found in our soap.

Facts about our soaps and our skincare products:

* Pure natural
* Ingredients are sourced in Australia
* Handcrafted in small batches using the traditional method
* Rich in natural glycerin
* Cruelty-Free
* Free of detergents
* Free from chemicals
* Free from synthetic fragrances
* Free of synthetic colours
* Free from artificial preservatives 
* Free of artificial foam boosters
* Free from alcohol and petroleum products

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