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Does handmade/natural soap have expiration date?

Does handmade/natural soap have expiration date?

Although handmade soaps usually get better with age, we recommend using our soaps within 12 months of purchase or around the expiring date on the packaging. 

Natural soap has some changes when ages such as its natural colour and its scent may fade over time. If "natural" soap has a bold colour and it stays like that over time, this soap has artificial colour, we don't believe it's a natural soap, sorry!

Because our soaps are gently scented with essential oils, not synthetic fragrant oils so the scent on the soap may fade over time. But it only on the surface of the soap, the scent may still be there when you lather up. Also, each essential oil evaporates at a different rate. For example, citrus oils can be especially short-lived in soap, just about six months. 

The ingredients and the oils also impact on the quality of soap. Different oils will add different character to the soap. Some add lathering qualities, some more about cleansing, some moisturising, some hardness and so on. We choose olive oil as our main oil for the soap because it brings extra moisturising and conditioning in our soap and shampoo. 

Please keep our soap in a dry cool place away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity to prolong shelf-life. You can store our soap in your linen closet or dresser drawer while waiting to be used,  to give a delightful to your linen or clothes by placing it in a muslin bag. 


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