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About Us

Based in Melbourne, The Australian Olive Oil Soap is a small family business that handcrafts natural soaps using the traditional cold-process method. We pride ourselves on consistently using fresh and natural ingredients sourced from Australia in our products, as well as a lot of love, care and respect. As a family business, we always have the best interests of everyone in mind so that we can create perfect products that are usable regardless of age, allergies or skin types. The Australian Olive Oil Soap strives to provide you and your skin with only the best products. 

Why are we called “The Australian Olive Oil Soap”? 

Because we love Australian olive oil! Not only is there a great history and a broad spectrum of facts regarding olive trees and olive oil, but there are also many skin and hair benefits to enjoy. 

The main ingredient in all of our soaps is Australian extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil is high in fatty oleic acid, which supports the sebum production of the skin. Olive oil also contains natural squalene, naturally rich in vitamins such as A and E; and fatty oleic acid. All are highly-effective emollients, anti-aging and natural antioxidants that help to keep both hair and skin soft and moisturised.

All of our soaps are handmade from scratch, starting as simple oils and plant butter, and then transformed into beautiful soap-bars.  This transformation is a result of the natural glycerin that is produced during the saponifying process from using the traditional soap-making method.

Our focus on quality ensures the best and most natural soaps for your skin and hair. The products from The Australian Olive Oil Soap promise a better than luxurious experience for you and your skin. 

We are different.

The philosophy at The Australian Olive Oil Soap is simple: Natural and Healthy. This applies to the soap that we make, so that you can apply it to your skin and lifestyle. We do not believe in bleaching or artificially altering our products, as it takes away from the natural beauty, scent and benefits of soap. 

Our use of natural ingredients, minimal packaging and handcrafting also make for a better environment for our children and their futures. 

Our Mission: 

We aspire to create natural and healthy soaps, so that more people will be encouraged to include more natural and environmentally friendly products into their lives. With effort and some extra virgin olive oil, we hope that the choice of more natural products will lead people to developing a healthy lifestyle and a better environment with less wastes and chemicals. As a professional soap making business, we will start by using Australian extra-virgin olive oil and 100% natural ingredients to make our soaps and body products.


We proudly hand blend our own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency and purity. The resulting high amount of nutrition for your skin and hair is unparalleled and unrivalled. 

Our products will always contain nothing but pure and natural ingredients, many of which are certified as organic. There is nothing artificial or synthetic and no GMO* ingredients are used. 

(*Genetically Modified Organisms.) 


Our company believes in minimal packaging and reducing plastic use is better for the earth and our planet.   



I started learning how to make soap in 2015 when my son was only one-year old. Before this, I had already changed to natural soaps after my second daughter suffered from hair loss. We were shocked when it was discovered that Johnson & Johnson's baby powder had caused cancer in several women - I used it a lot on my baby girl and I feel so guilty anytime I think about it. 

For convenient lifestyles, there are many harmful ingredients like SLS, SLSs, chemicals used in the cosmetics industry. They may seem like nothing and your skin might not react to them, but they are not be good for our long-term health. You can read more about these nasty chemicals here.

We proudly avoid them all when making our soaps. 

In January 2016, I began to make and sell my own soaps under the name "Lemon and Lime Studio." I made all kinds of soaps, including: artisan, wedding soaps with all kinds of oils, butters - I let loose with my creativity and imagination! But soon after, I realised that I only wanted to create real soaps for the best skin results. "Real" soaps are made with nothing but wholesome and natural ingredients that benefit the skin. I made the decision to invest money into the quality of oils and ingredients, choosing to waste less on the decorations.

This was because I believed and continue to believe that our body, hair and scalp will be healthier if we use natural soaps or shampoos made without synthetic ingredients, artificial colours, fragrant oils, preservatives, foam boosters or chemicals.

In 2018, I started to use the name “The Australian Olive Oil Soap” which I registered in March 2017. I made the decision to choose this new name because I love Australian extra virgin olive oil! It is the main oil in our ingredients and a great oil for making soap.

I proudly believe that we are creating good, high-quality handmade products from Australia using Australian extra virgin oil that can be given as gifts to family and friends in Australia and overseas. When I decided to use the name “The Australian Olive Oil Soap”, I was so proud that I could do something to thank Australia, the country that I have been living for half of my life so far.  I am proud to be an Australian!

I also love formulating and creating 100% natural skincare products that are based on pure plant oils and butter. I believe that this is the best food (pure nutrition!) for the skin, hair and scalp. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no chemicals and no preservatives in our products. Just wholesome and natural ingredients that you can trust.

"Gently cleanse, moisturise, soothe, heal and protect your skin naturally, while also being kind to our planet."

Proudly Australian made and owned! I hope you enjoy and love the soap as much as we do!

Amy Pham, x