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About Us

"Urban Beginnings to Nature’s Embrace: Crafting a Dream in Soap"

In the urban landscape of Melbourne, where the vibrancy of city life meets the quest for natural harmony, unfolds the story of The Australian Olive Oil Soap. Here, amidst the daily hustle, my story, Amy's story, takes root. My journey with olive oil didn't begin in the midst of olive groves but within the embrace of Melbourne's urban charm, where my yearning for nature's purity found its unique expression through soap making.

My passion for olive oil, steeped in rich history and extensive health benefits, has been my urban sanctuary of natural wellness. This revered ancient treasure, known for its nutritional and skin-nourishing properties, sparked in me a vision: to create something that not only bridges the gap between urban living and natural tranquility but also embodies the essence of purity and care.

As I navigated the complexities of the cosmetics industry, I discovered unsettling truths about the ingredients that lurk in everyday products. This revelation became a turning point, igniting a quest not just for alternatives but for trustworthy and natural solutions. In my kitchen, surrounded by bottles of extra virgin olive oil and fueled by a desire to innovate, I embarked on a transformative journey. I became a student of nature's gifts, immersing myself in the art of soap making, with olive oil as my guiding star.

Each batch of soap I crafted was more than a mere blend of ingredients; it was a tangible step toward integrating the essence of nature into our urban lifestyle. My aspiration to one day surround myself with olive groves, where the air is fresh and life resonates with the tranquility of nature, propelled me forward. I envisioned a future where roses, lavender, calendula, and a variety of healthy herbs flourished, their essences captured in the soaps I created.

This dream of a seamless blend between nature and nurture laid the foundation for my business. It emerged as a beacon for those who, like me, crave a touch of nature’s purity amidst the urban rhythm of Melbourne. My soaps are crafted not just from ingredients, but from dreams of a life intertwined with nature—each bar a promise of natural wellness and a hint of fresh air in the urban landscape.

As The Australian Olive Oil Soap grows, it stands as a symbol of hope and a testament to the belief that even in an urban setting, we can find ways to connect with nature. It's an invitation to my customers to join in this journey, to discover peace and wellness through natural ingredients, and to share in the dream of a day when we live amidst the beauty of olive groves and vibrant gardens.

Until that day comes, I pour my longing for nature and my dedication to a natural, healthier lifestyle into every batch of soap, hoping to bring a piece of the future I envision into our present, one bar at a time.

Why “The Australian Olive Oil Soap”?

Because we believe in the holistic benefits of olive oil—a history-rich, versatile ingredient known for its skin and hair nourishing properties. Since our inception in 2014, we've been dedicated to harnessing the virtues of olive oil, rich in fatty oleic acid, natural squalene, and vitamins A and E, to create soaps that not only cleanse but also moisturise, soothe, and protect.

Our philosophy is simple: FRESH, NATURAL, HEALTHY. This philosophy guides every step of our process, from the careful selection of ingredients to our minimalistic, eco-friendly packaging. In a world quick to compromise on quality for convenience, we stand firm in our belief that there is a better way—a way that cherishes the purity of nature and the art of handcrafting.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to join us in embracing the natural, the pure, and the authentic. Together, we can make a choice for better health, for a sustainable future, and for the simple joys found in the natural beauty of our world.

Every bar of soap we create is a testament to our mission: to gently cleanse, nourish, and uplift, offering a slice of nature's serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Proudly Australian made and owned, The Australian Olive Oil Soap is more than just a product; it's a promise—a promise of quality, integrity, and a step towards a more natural, healthier lifestyle. We hope you feel the love and dedication we pour into each creation and that our soaps bring you a sense of peace, purity, and connection to the natural world.

Welcome to The Australian Olive Oil Soap family, where every wash is a step back to nature.


Born and raised in the lush landscapes of Vietnam, Amy has always been intimately connected with the traditional use of herbs. Her childhood memories are steeped in the practices of her grandmother, who nurtured her with herbal baths and hair washes, ingraining in her a deep appreciation for natural remedies. Her journey to Australia began in her 20s, initially to pursue Information Systems in Tasmania and later Commerce in Melbourne.

Amy's path of motherhood marked a significant turn in her life, inspiring her to delve into the creation and development of natural products. Motivated by a desire to provide a safer and healthier environment for her children and household, she began experimenting with formulations that were gentle and free of harmful chemicals.

As the founder and owner of her brand, Amy is not just the driving force behind its vision but also actively involved in every aspect of its operation. Her roles are multifaceted and encompass graphic design, photography, packaging, creation, web design, product development, production, and customer service. Amy's hands-on approach ensures that every element of the brand reflects her commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and sustainable practices.

Her journey, from the herbal traditions of Vietnam to the bustling urban life of Melbourne, underpins the ethos of her brand. It's a story of bridging worlds – from the natural remedies of her childhood to the innovative, eco-friendly products she now creates for a global community. Amy's passion for natural wellness is infused in every product, making them not just items of utility but symbols of a life's journey dedicated to health, nature, and sustainability.



Sophia, the daughter of Amy, founder of The Australian Olive Oil Soap, was born and grew up in Melbourne, immersed in a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Her early exposure to natural skincare, especially her mother's calendula balm, played a significant role in shaping her approach to personal care. She began using this balm at 15, finding it an indispensable part of her regimen, both as a soothing night cream and a gentle makeup remover.

Though Sophia embraces certain conventional beauty products, including makeup that may not be all-natural, her affinity for her mother's natural skincare remedies remains strong. This mix of modern and traditional preferences gives Sophia a unique perspective in her role within the family business.

In the realm of The Australian Olive Oil Soap, Sophia contributes to marketing and graphic design, infusing her dual cultural insights into the brand’s identity. Her understanding of a contemporary, diverse clientele, coupled with her personal experience of the products, allows her to create relatable and authentic marketing strategies.

Sophia's involvement in the business is a blend of her modern lifestyle and her appreciation of her mother's legacy, ensuring the brand's message resonates with a wide audience, navigating between the realms of traditional natural remedies and the modern urban lifestyle.

Australian handmade natural soap   


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