About Us


The Australian Olive Oil Soap is a small family business based in Melbourne that handcrafts natural soaps using the traditional cold process method. We use fresh, natural ingredients, as many Australian ingredients as possible and a lot of love and care to bring you only the very best for your body. 

Why are we called “The Australian Olive Oil Soap”? Simply because we love Australian olive oil and we use Australian extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredient in our soap.

Our olive oil soaps are handmade from scratch, made simply from oils and plant butter, then mixed and transformed into beautiful soap bars with natural glycerin that is produced during the saponifying process from the traditional soap-making method.

Our soap has a simple look because we concentrate on the quality of the soaps, bringing you the best soaps for your skin and hair. 

We are different...

We are with philosophy that make healthy soap, healthy natural skin care for healthy skin and for better environment.

We hand blend our own products in small batches to ensure the freshness, consistency and as pure nutrition for skin and hair. 

Our products always and will always contain nothing but pure natural ingredients.  There is nothing artificial, synthetic, GMO’s ingredients used.

Our company believes in minimal packaging and no plastic is better our earth and our planet. 




Amy started making soap since late 2016 and started selling in January 2017 under "Lemon and Lime Studio" making all kinds of soap include artisan, wedding soaps with all kinds of oils, butters. Creative is something in Amy but she wanted to create a real soap for everyone...


August 2018, Amy decided to choose the best oil, that is olive oil, as the main oil for her soap. She chose and created formula with using only ingredients that are good for skin and hair.

Palm oil is good for soap, creating a hard and long lasting bar. But it is not the oil that is as good moisturising as olive oil for the skin. Besides, the biggest impact of unsustainable palm oil production is the large-scale devastation of tropical forests so we stop using palm oil in our soap.

Olive oil is a very good oil for skin. It might be a bit "luxury" on soap but it is worth it!.  Olive oil stimulates new cell generation, slows down wrinkle development and gives skin a youthful look. It was used as a pure body oil, hair treatment for years. Olive oil contains natural squalene, naturally rich in vitamins such as A and E; and high in fatty oleic acid, so this is why we choose olive oil as the main base oil for our soap. Olive oil is the best luxurious oil at affordable price compares with fancy oils such as sweet almond or jojoba oil, etc. 

"Cleanse, moisturise, soothe, heal and protect your skin, also kind to our planet"

We also love formulating and creating 100% natural skincare products that are based on pure plant oils and butter.

We believe that this is the best food (pure nutrition!) for the skin and hair. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, nothing chemical, nothing preservative about our products. Just wholesome natural ingredients that you can trust.

We hope you enjoy and love the soap as much as we do!