About Us


The Australian Olive Oil Soap is a small family business based in Melbourne, handcrafting soaps using traditional cold process method with natural ingredients that Mother Earth gave to us and as many Australian ingredients as possible. 

Why are we called “The Australian Olive Oil Soap”? Simply because we love Australian olive oil and we use Australian extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredient in our soap.

Our olive oil soaps are handmade from scratch, made simply from oils and butters and then transformed into beautiful soap bars with natural glycerin produced during the saponifying process from the traditional soap making method.

We are different...

We are with philosophy that make healthy soap, healthy natural skin care for healthy skin and for better environment.

* Quality: We hand blend our own products in small batches to ensure the freshness, consistency and as pure nutrition for skin and hair.

* Natural: Our products always and will always contain nothing but pure natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial, synthetic, GMO’s ingredients used.

* Eco-friendly: Our company believes in minimal packaging is better our earth and our planet. So, our packaging is Plastic FREE!

We are proud we are Australian and we want to share the best of our country to you.