About Us


The Australian Olive Oil Soap is a small family business based in Melbourne that handcrafts natural soaps using the traditional cold process method. We use fresh, natural ingredients, as many Australian ingredients as possible and a lot of love, care and respects to bring you only the very best for your body. 

Why are we called “The Australian Olive Oil Soap”? Simply because we love Australian olive oil and we use Australian extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredient in our soaps.

Our olive oil soaps are handmade from scratch, made simply from oils and plant butter, then mixed and transformed into beautiful soap bars with natural glycerin that is produced during the saponifying process from the traditional soap-making method.

Our soap has a simple look because we concentrate on the quality of the soaps, bringing you the best soaps for your skin and hair. 

We are different...

We are with simple philosophy that make healthy soap, healthy natural skin care for healthy skin and for better environment.

We hand blend our own products in small batches to ensure the freshness, consistency and as pure nutrition for skin and hair. 

Our products always and will always contain nothing but pure natural ingredients.  There is nothing artificial, synthetic, GMO’s ingredients used.

Our company believes in minimal packaging and reduce plastic packaging is better our earth and our planet. 




I started learning how to make soap in 2015 while my youngest son was about one year old. At first, it was just because I love making things for my family, I love craft and love all kind of handmade products.  We use our own soaps so we know exactly what are in the soaps since there are many harmful ingredients, chemicals are used in cosmetic industry recently.

I started selling soap in January 2016 under "Lemon and Lime Studio", not really an active seller. I made all kinds of soaps include artisan, wedding soaps with all kinds of oils, butters - went freely with my creative. But I  wanted to create real simple soaps for the healthy skin. The "real" soaps are nothing but made with all good natural ingredients benefit to the skin.


Further, our eldest daughter and youngest son has eczema. Also, second daughter was about 3 years old, she started losing her hair and soon - there were a few bold spots on various areas of her head. Her hair just started falling out and we didn't know why. We and the specialist we consulted honestly weren't sure what had caused it, whether it was stress or chemicals.

Since that incident, the news about Johnson's baby powder and cancer that can be caused by using Sodium Lauryl Sulphate SLSs in commercial shampoo - I decided to switch completely to all handmade natural soaps and started making shampoo bars.

We believe that by using bars of soap or shampoo that are made with no synthetic ingredients, artificial colours, fragrant oils, preservatives, foam boosters nor chemicals - our body, hair and scalp will be healthier. 

In 2018, I started to use the name “The Australian Olive Oil Soap” which I registered in March 2017. Why I chose this name? Simply because I believe that we create good quality handmade gifts from Australia using Australian extra virgin oil for family and friends in Australia and oversea. When I decided to use the name “The Australian olive oil soap”, I was so proud that I could do something to thank Australia, the country that I live the half of my life so far - I am proud that I am Australian.

"Cleanse, moisturise, soothe, heal and protect your skin, also kind to our planet"

We also love formulating and creating 100% natural skincare products that are based on pure plant oils and butter. We believe that this is the best food (pure nutrition!) for the skin and hair. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, nothing chemical, nothing preservative about our products. Just wholesome natural ingredients that you can trust.

Proudly Australian made and own!

We hope you enjoy and love the soap as much as we do!