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GINGER Rosemary Foot Balm 65g
Gary (Melbourne, AU)
My feet appreciate it

I’ve been using this right before bed for about a week now. It’s a nice way to thank my feet which I’ve neglected for way too long. It’s not oily and the scents are subtle but pleasant. Another great product from AOO that I’m happy to recommend.

CALENDULA All Purpose Balm
Linda (Melbourne, AU)
Really is all purpose balm

This Calendula cream is great for everything. Protective and rubs in well on your hands. It is a great lip balm in a lovely little tin with a very good screw on lid which is the best I've found in my search for a lip balm in a little tin. For my face, I have found that if I spray on water first like a toner, and then dot on the balm and then massage it in, it works in beautifully. My skin feels lovely and looks good. I need to use an unscented product and the scent of the calendula in the balm is lovely. Thanks for this really great, economical and effective all purpose unscented balm. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Lovely soft soap

This is beautiful soap. My face loves it. Slightly slippery and feels clean and comfortable. I highly recommend this soap especially for those people who can't have any scents or are allergic.

Wonderful soap

This soap is soft and cleansing. It is great to also wash your hair. I have waist length hair and needed a scent free soap. Also free of a lot of other things too. This soap answered all my needs. If you use it as a shampoo too, I suggest that you rinse it out well and then apply an apple cider rinse with two desert spoons of apple cider vinegar in a litre of water. Pour it over and massage it in and leave it in. Your hair will be soft and clean and smell lovely. I highly recommend this soap to everyone.

OLIVE Castile 100% Olive Oil Scent Free Soap
Stephanie Tasker (Sydney, AU)

OLIVE Castile 100% Olive Oil Scent Free Soap

Absolutely beautiful

This soap is wonderful. So soft and cleansing. It is also great as a shampoo. It leaves the hair soft, clean and looking healthy. Next time I shall try it first before using an apple cider rinse. Thanks so much for this beautiful soap. I highly recommend it.


Clean fresh smell, did remove some stains in wash I had forgotten to treat. Love the wooden scoop.
No residue left in dispenser drawer.

LAVENDER Natural Olive Soap

Great natural alternative.

Calm skin

I get eczema was having trouble finding something that my skin liked, soothed and cleaned that didn't cost a small fortune. This Olive oil soap does it all.
No more skin drama. Fast delivery, nicely packaged. Would recommend to anyone it's a treat for your skin.

ROSE Beauty Balm 60g
Annette Siegersma (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful smell and consistency

I use this each night for intense hydration. Warms easily on my fingers for easy distribution. Smells divine. I’m hopeful that Longer use will reveal more benefits.

TEA TREE Peppermint Laundry Soap
Claire Richardson (Sydney, AU)
Love it!

Great product, smells amazing, will be purchasing more!


This soap make my skin feel soft and clean. I can smell the oats while using it on my body.Amazing natural soap

Soft feel

I used this beautiful foot spa salts and it made my feet feel soft and relaxed ready for a good nights sleep


Lavender is one of my favourite scents to use on my body.l recommend this soap to anyone 🤗


I love the scent of the native lemon myrtle in this beautiful soap. So light on my skin with the added goats milk


I gifted this beard balm to my son inlaw because he suffers from sensitive skin.Hes loving the affects it leaves on his beard and skin

Silky hair

My son loves using this hair balm instead of the old hair gels.Not only does it heal the scalp of dryness but leaves a soft look which keeps the hair in place especially if suffer from frizzy hair. Im guilty as charged l myself have been also using this hair balm 😁🤗

Shampoo bar

I really like this shampoo bar with the added coconut milk gives a soft silky touch to my hair ❤


Im really enjoying this Argan herbal shampoo soap its doing wonders for my hair and scalp


This salve is a must have especially after constantly having your hands in water or using your hands in the garden.It will leave a soft silky feel after every use


I love this balm so much it leaves a soft silky touch on my hands and body after use.l would recommend this balm especially to people suffering from dry skin.Its a quick healer

Never using other hair gels again

I started using this last year as it concerned me what weird chemicals were in commercial hair gels and how healthy it was with long-term use. There's very little info about them as they are primarily styling products and not hair health products.

As a male in my (late) 40s I am concerned about good hair health so a natural hair balm with organic ingredients is perfect. I quite like the light lavender scent too. You don't need much per use so the 60ml bottle has lasted at least 6 months already and probably still half-full. I definitely recommend this.

Love it a lot!

I use olive oil soap to eliminate my dandruff and prevent any hair loss but I thought I'd give this soap a try and it works so well, it doesn't tangle my hair when I wash it which is what usually happens when I wash with a soap and it doesn't flare up my dandruff or make my skull itchy. It is scentless which is what I prefer because with fragranced products, I tend to get bored of the smell and want to change it up every now and then. I'm definitely going back and buying it again when it comes back in stock.

Love natural colours

All natural plant based
No nonsense ie no stains and easy to use.


This is one of the first olive oil soaps I tried and I have to agree with the other reviews - just a great quality product. The subtle scents, the quality ingredients - even the packaging. Just a fantastic product and a great business that I'm proud to support.

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