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How to choose soap?

How to choose my soaps?


We have some customer asking soaps for sensitive skin and some asking for soaps without coconut or butter Free. 

There are many facts and things when talking about sensitive skin. It is very hard for us when you just tell us you have sensitive in general. Some skin is thin and it is easier to react with both cold and heat, some skin might refer to generic ailments. We all have different skin, we believe. But choosing natural soaps is the best choice ever as they are made with natural ingredients, they are gentle for the skin.

We have made a recommendation for your convenience, link here

Generally, if you have sensitive skin, choose the soaps that have no scents - then narrow down to the oils that you allergic to. If you have dry skin, the soaps with butter and special plant oils, and additions fruits and herbs like avocado, junipers. The soaps with oatmeal, goatmilk will help balance the skin oil. 

We also create some more categories that help you choose soap easier, please choose under "Natural Soap".

Hope this helps. 

The Australian Olive Oil Soap

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