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How to choose my soap?

Skins are not created equal. They are unique to you. Your skin can change depending on your diet, age, hormone cycles, stress, weather and many other factors...

Our soaps are formulated to be gentle to all types of skin. Some skins prefer soaps that are high in moisturiser like olive oil or shea butter. Some people are allergic to coconut or butters. Some have are sensitive skin or skin problems. Others might be just too dry and need increased hydration.

We make these recommendations to help you choose the right soap for yourself easier. If you are curious about the soaps for other skin types, you still can give it try with a small trial-size sample. 


Many people have sensitive skin but what kind of sensitive skin do they have? Sensitive skin is skin prone to inflammation. Some skins might relate to generic ailments such as rosacea, eczema... many things can cause sensitivity to the skin.

Some people truly have thin or fine-textured sensitive skin which react quickly to both heat and cold, sunburns and wind burns. Such skins are often dry. Our second daughter has thin skin in the family but she seems fine with all our soaps. 

Some people might have skin sensitive to weather and the environment. Seasonal temperature, humidity changes, synthetic fragrances, colours, preservatives, alcohol, artificial additives can also cause irritation, which leads to red, itchy skin.

Sensitive skin should avoid: 
- Long showers with hot water
- Synthetic fragrances or perfume soaps
- Artificially-coloured soaps
- Using exfoliants

As a skin-care company, we are not trying to treat the skin condition. We make soaps and other body products only to try and help to ease those allergic symptoms.

Might we recommend some soaps for you, if you have sensitive skin.     

Lavender castile soap
Castile scent free soap for sensitive skin
Lavender Castile olive oil soap 
Castile olive oil soap
Castile avocado soap for sensitive skin
Avocado Castile soap
Goat milk soap



Dry skin is not usually serious. It occurs when the skin doesn't retain sufficient moisture. Dry skin has a decreased oil barrier so water easily evaporates through the skin. Dry skin might be caused by using synthetic or artificial products, or products with alcohol. 

Dry skin looks dry, scale or flake, peel, feel rough, crack and bleed, red, and gets itchy. 

Dry skin doesn't need to avoid products with essential oils, just avoid synthetic fragrances and artificial colours. Use products with more oil and butter for soothing hydration.

Dry skin can use all the soaps recommended for sensitive skin. Might we suggest some more soaps for dry skin as below: 

calendula soap for dry skin
Carrot Soap
Calendula Soap
Lavender Soap
Lavender butter Goat milk Soap
Lavender goat milk soap
Lemon myrtle butter goat milk soap
Avocado Chocolate Avocado Castile
Lavender Butter Goats milk soap Lemon Myrtle Castile Goats Milk Soap


Oily skin tends to attract more dirt and dust than dry skin and may cause blackheads and acne. But oil helps preserve the skin, and people with oily skin tend to have thicker skin and fewer wrinkles. The key is to strike a balance between having too much oil and maintaining the skin's natural moisture. 

Our soaps are formulated for all skin types. But if you more consider about your skin, goat-milk soap is the best-recommended soap for balancing the oil on the skin. So please choose any kind of soaps under Goat milk soap category. We also recommend some soap with essential oils for oily skin as below:
Lemongrass Lemon myrtle Poppyseed  Eucalyptus Charcoal 
Lemon myrtle & wattleseeds
Lavender Tea Tree Lemongrass Lemon myrtle

Medical Disclaimer

The content and information on this website are as information and recommendation only, there is no intended and should be construed as medical advice to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. The information provided is not intended to prescribe or be taken as medical advice. Thank you.

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