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Feeling funny at the first start of shampoo bar

We heard from many customers giving up shampoo bar even they love the idea of using natural products and really want to try something "all-natural" for the hair...."my hair feels funny?" (this also said by my sister in law when she first tried it). 

This happened to me too... so I call it the transition period. It can range from a few days to a few weeks or even months depends on how thick your hair is, which commercial shampoo you used and how damaged your hair is. It takes time to clean up the build-up chemicals on your hair and your scalp. 

At the first time you try, your hair or scalp may become oily or dry or might switch between the two extremes. You might have increased tangles or frizz or even feel waxy, sticky or says weird. But please don't give up on it! This feeling will go away and you will have the reward with healthy hair, the real feeling of the hair, not too soft and too light when using the commercial shampoo with hair conditioner. 

The only common problem we can see is we might haven't met the right shampoo soap for our hair. I personally use many different shampoo bars and even use normal soaps on my hair and I feel the difference all the time. Sometimes, I really love using my normal olive oil soap with oatmeal, and really happy with it... says this morning, and my hair is still slightly wet at the time I am writing this blog. Keep trying just like you used to try on the commercial shampoo but these natural shampoo bar is sure safer for you, for your hair and scalp. 

Further, the hard water also affects on the good lather of the shampoo bar. You might need help with apple cider rinse or herbal hair rinse and then apply the hair balm after, it is a really good conditioner for hair we can say.

All the best, xo

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