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How long will a bar of soap last?

How long will a bar of soap last?

How long a bar will last depends on how often you bathe or shower, how many people are using it and how you use the bar. 

In general, a well-drained bar should last for about a month for one person showing every day. 

Natural soaps are normally softer than commercial soaps because they retain their natural glycerin (which is removed in commercial soap production), and further, natural soaps contain no artificial hardening chemicals, synthetic wax, etc. 

We always superfast our soaps (add extra oils or butter in the formula/recipe) to make better soaps for the skin; soothe, soften and leave the skin feel moisturised.

Our natural soap will last longer with some of these suggestions: 

* Store the soap in a dark cool room in the house to keep it clean and avoid damage it from the heat. Handmade soap can be used within 2 years or a bit longer (says 6 months) after it was made (except pure castile soap), but if the way we store it wrong, the soap will get smelly and change colour. 
If it just starts getting those problems, we can cut a bit off the outside/surface of the soap, the inside still can be used as hand soap.

* Don't let the soap soak in the water anytime after using it. 

* Keep the soap on a well-drained soap dish or on the rack in the shower. 

* Allow the soap stays in the airy room to dry between use, should never be in the hot/warm room.

* In case your bar gets soaked in water and become gooey, please simply drain it a soap dish and let it dry out thoroughly in a couple of days. 

Thank you.

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