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TEA TREE Peppermint Laundry Soap

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All of our natural soaps are handmade with the traditional cold-process method with 5% extra oil for the purpose of moisturising the body skin. This soap can be used as hand soap in the bathroom or in the kitchen or as laundry soap for hand-wash clothes.

Gentle on skin.
Best for all skin types.


Why we love it

  • 100% plastic-Free
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals
  • 100% palm oil-free
  • Synthetic fragrance-free
  • Made in Australia!

Size/Weight: 100g

If you want to use it for washing dishes or hand-washing clothes, it is completely fine, won't dry the skin of your hands.

Dish wash soap - lemongrass essential oil 
has antibacterial, astringent properties. Our handmade natural soaps always have 5% extra oil required for the soap making process, so they really work all kind of tough grease in the kitchen and dishes.  

Stain removal on clothes - again, our handmade natural soaps have 5% extra oil so they work very well on stains. They are gentle soaps for both hands and clothes when required handwash.

Surface clean - gentle for hands but clean all tough dirt, oily and grease. 

Australian olive oil
Coconut oil
Sodium hydroxide
Australian spring water
Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
Mentha arvensis Leaf Oil
Australian Kaolin white clay.

Surface cleanse:
- Stir the soap in warm water for about 30 seconds till you see and feel the bubbles enough and soak the cleaning cloth in, squeeze it and it is ready for cleaning the surface.
- Directly rub the soap in the wet cleaning cloth to get just bubble and use it to clean the surface for extra cleaning tough grease and food mess on the dining table or dirt, or any kind of things need to clean off. Then rinse the cloth in clean warm water and wipe the surface again. 


- Stir the soap in warm water for about 30 seconds till you see and feel the bubbles enough ready for washing. 
- Rub the soap on the brush or wet sponge and wash dishes as normal. 

Remember to put the soap on the rack all the time when it not in use. 

Handwash clothes: 
- Soak or rinse the clothes in water first to make them wet then rub in the soap to make bubbles. When you got enough bubble to wash the clothes, please put the soap back on the rack for drying. Don't let it soak in water. 
- Stir the soap in warm water in a bucket to get bubbles then take the soap out, put on the rack - you can start washing your clothes in that soapy water. 

Liquid soap 
To make liquid soap, simply great about 25g ( a tablespoon ) of this soap, add in 1 cup (250ml) of hot distilled water and shake and leave it to melt and form a thick cleaning liquid soap. Remember always use a dry clean bottle - because the unclean, and wet bottle is the best environment for bacteria growth. 



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