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Free Shipping all orders over $75



 The natural hair conditioner nourishes for the hair, and keep hair hydrated and healthy. 

This hair balm is formulated for normal to unhealthy hair and scalp to help it gets better. Also, reduce hair loss with argan oil and rosemary essential oil.

* Good for all hair types. 
* Helps reduce hair loss
* Promotes a healthy hair and scalp.

* 15g tin would last up to 3 months.

Size/Weight: 15g, 60ml

Australian extra virgin olive oil, argan oil*, camellia oil*, evening primrose oil*, virgin jojoba oil*, beeswax, Australian lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil. (*Denotes certified organic)

Best to use this balm is after drying or flow dry your hair with the hairdryer. 

Get a small amount of balm, rub it into the palm of your hands together until it all meltdown, then scrunch into hair ends then gently massage the scalp, or smooth over the length of your hair 

The amount of balm would be adjustable due to the volume of the hair and the type of hair. A small pea-size would be enough for kid. 

You might use more balm and use it as hair gel or hair styling.