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HERBAL Refreshing Foot Soak


Treat your feet to the luxury they deserve!

- Antiseptic, deodorising, refreshing herbs fight bacteria, fungus while offering to soften your feet and stress relief as well. 
- Mineral Himalayan pink salts reduce swelling, increase circulation.
- Remove the foot odour naturally with herbs.
Just add some drops of tea tree oils in and relax!

Size: 120g

- Himalaya pink salt
-Organic olive leaf
-Organic peppermint 
-Organic comfrey
- Organic oat Straw
-Organic lemon balm
-Organic calendula

- Use 1/2 or the whole pack of herbs.
- Adding boiling water into a foot basin, or boiling the herbs in a pot with 1L of water over the cooktop. Remove the heat when it reaches the boiling stage. Cover the lid and leave it cool down. 
- Add cool water to have the right temperature up to ankle height. If the water gets cold, then add some warm water.
- Soak feet 10-15 minutes.
- Rinse and pat dry

Notes: can use a washcloth to remove the dead skin.

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