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Free Shipping all orders over $75

Beard Balm/ After shave Balm


Our blend of natural oils and antioxidants help hydrate, soften, and strengthen your beard. 
This balm can be used as an aftershave balm, soothing and nourishing the skin. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Size 30ml

Australian extra virgin olive oil 
Argan oil*
Virgin sweet almond oil*
Virgin coconut oil
Cocoa butter
Vitamin E
Cedarwood essential oil
Sweet orange essential oil
Spearmint essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil
Cinnamon essential oil

The Australian Olive Oil Soap

- After shaving, rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry with a clean hand towel.
- Take about a dime-sized amount of balm into the palm of your hand
- Rub those hands together to ensure an even coating on both hands and rub thoroughly onto the surface of your skin. Pat dry with your hands! 
If you accidentally took a lot of amount of balm then use it to moisturise your hands, arms or especially the elbow where the skin normally dry.