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Ballerina Balm - Hair Balm for kids


This hair balm is formulated with all good natural oils that are good for hair and promote hair growth healthily. It helps to shape and hold the ballerina's bun and the hair for the whole day

From Amy: Since my daughter had patchy hair loss (alopecia areata) when she was just about 3 years old, I stopped using hair care products in the supermarket and starting to research and learn about natural ingredients that are safe for body and hair. I also did not want to use hair spray on my daughter when she went for ballet. I was afraid of the chemicals might affect the hair loss again. We love this hair balm and it really works on our daughter. 

Australian extra virgin olive oil, camellia seed oil*, sweet almond oil*,  jojoba seed oil*, Australian beeswax, lavender essential oil.

Inci: Olea europaea, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, Simmondsia Chinensis, Camellia Oleifera, Cera alba, Lavandula Angustifolia.

As the conditioner for hair
Best to use this balm is after drying or flow dry your hair with the hairdryer. 
- Get a small amount of balm, rub it into the palm of your hands together until it all meltdown, then scrunch into hair ends and then gently massage the scalp, or smooth over the length of the hair 

The amount of balm would be adjustable due to the volume of the hair and the type of hair. A small pea-size would be enough for kids' hair. 

You might use more balm and use it as hair gel or hair styling.  

As hair styling for ballerina
- Rub balm on the palm of your hands together until it all meltdown, smooth over the length of the hair. 
- Brush the hair and pull all the hair up and start to make the bun. 
- Add some more balm if needed.