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GOAT MILK Castile Gift Set of 6

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This luxurious set contains six full-size Castile goat milk soaps. 

These soap are handmade using Australian extra virgin olive oil and Australian fresh goat milk. It is gentle to the skin and has a creamy lather. 

Each soap is wrapped using designed printed paper, hand-drawn in Australia with Australian native. 

* Luxurious gift from Australia
* Simple ingredients
* Gentle on the skin
* Toxin-Free
* Handmade in Australia

Suitable for sensitive skin, baby skin, normal skin, dry skin, oily skin.

100% Natural | Weight: 100g 

Sodium Olivate (Australian extra virgin olive oil).
Aqua (Australian spring water)
Australian fresh goat milk  


-Wet your skin and the soap
-Rub the soap directly on the skin to create the lather
-Quick rinse the soap and put it away from water
-Rinse off the lather. 
Notes: it is also good to use exfoliating soap like our lemongrass and poppyseeds - lightly massage the body.

Hand lathering 
This method is preferred to use for sensitive skin
- Wet the body
- Rinse the soap under the water 
- Rub it in your hands to create a creamy lather
- Gently massage this lather on the skin to clean off the dirt. 
- Rinse and quick rinse the soap then put it away from the water.

Washcloth/ towel
This method is great for exfoliating dead skin.
- Wet the body
- Rub the wet soap into the wet tower until getting lather.
- Apply, massage on the skin especially the dry area. (apply some natural balm on it after a shower.
- Rinse and quick wash the soap before put it away from the water.